Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы


1. How you can help with the project

2. How you can contribute to the project

How you can help with the project

· Financial support

· Methodological support

· Information support

Financial support

  • You can donate any reasonable sum to the project. Donors are entitled to receive some of the special souvenirs listed below:

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Set of soldiers (4 pieces) - 28 mm

Russian or French grenadiers, Russian musketeers, Russian jaegers.

Historical period – 1799.

Material - polyurethane or white metal/alloy.

1000+ rubbles


Hadpainted miniature soldier - 28 mm

Russian musketeer, grenadier or jaeger.

Historical period – 1799.

Material - polyurethane or white metal/alloy.


1000 + rubbles

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Set of soldiers (6 pieces) - 28 mm

Russian jaegers, Russian musketeers, Russian artillerymen.

Historical period – 1799.

Material - polyurethane or white metal/alloy.


1500+ rubbles

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Set of soldiers (3 pieces)


Historical period – 1799.

Material - polyurethane or white metal/alloy.

2500+ rubbles
calend Photo calendar for 2020 with historical paintings, photographs of soldiers on the march, historical cartoons and portraits of the major characters of the Second Coalition Wars. 5000+ rubbles
(*) Author- M.Presnukhin, manufacturer - Stp Miniatures

Direct payments can be made to the following bank details:

    • Sberbank, card 5469 5500 4079 2282 (Beneficiary: Boris Vadimovich Megorsky)
    • PayPal to: bmegorsky@gmail.com

When making payment, please drop us a line to suvorov220@list.ru specifying the desired souvenir and your postal address for delivery. 

  • You can also make a target contribution or even provide a project with specific items / services. You can choose how your funds shall be spent.

Methodological support

At the moment, the project needs methodological support in the following areas:

· Information on the military uniform of the period. We have already gathered some information on this subject which is available in the “Historical Background / Soldier Outfit" section. There are, however, many particularities and nuances that have not been covered and can be useful.

· Information on the Swiss infrastructure and the Swiss nationals who may be interested in supporting our project. Assistance in settling the local legal intricacies associated with the project will be extremely useful for us as well.

· Information about the history of the Suvorov’s march. Copies of the historical documents (especially foreign sources on the event), serious research on this subject is important task and very much welcome. The organizers managed to go through a large deal of historical materials on the Suvorov’s march, but much more of the period documents are available in the archives for further study and analysis. 

Information support

You can tell about this project to your friends and relatives and engage as many people as possible. Any result oriented volunteers are fundamentally important for this project to succeed and we see people as our greatest asset: those who march the entire route by foot as well as those who donated money, information or equipment. We will be grateful for any information support of the project in Russia and abroad.

Our banners

Наш Баннер    Наш Баннер

How can you participate in the project?

Participation in the project can take different forms:

  • Participation in the re-enactment of the historical Suvorov’s march: you can find out more about this option in the "Entering the ranks" section.
  • Participation as a partner (joint events, for example) – email us to suvorov220@list.ru
  • Participation at the preparation stage, see “How you can help the project” section

If you have any questions please contact us through “FAQ/ Ask a Question" form or email your questions to suvorov220@list.ru