Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы


People who have greatly helped our project:

Filippo Lombardi - the Member of the Council of States of Switzerland from the Canton of Ticino, co-Chair of the Swiss-Russian Friendship Group

Oliver Schürch - the Head of Traffic Police force in the Canton of Uri

Roland Leuenberger – the President of "Suworow Verein"

Eugene Pankevich - Chairman of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg

Andrey Matsarin – official of the Committee for Tourism Development of St. Petersburg

Alexander Reichrudel (Germany)

Maria Krishat – Swiss tour guide and expert on the history of the Suvorov’s Swiss Campaign

Fleur Stampanoni-Dedyulina - a public figure doing business in both Russia and Switzerland

Alla Ramilova – Counsel to the President of the Swiss Parliament for Russia and the CIS

Marcel Jann – the member of the police force in the canton of Uri

Damian Zingg – historian, director of Sasso San Gottardo Museum

Adrian Regli – a farmer from Andermatt

Kaspar Trumpi – the owner of Gasthaus Richisau in the canton of Glarus

Ute Albertin – official of the municipality of Glarus

Leo Meier (Shwanden, Switzerland)

Yvonne Wezel – employee of ‘Glarus –Tourism’

Arnold Spescha – a historian from Pigniu, Graubünden, Switzerland,

Hubertus Spescha – a farmer from Pigniu, Graubünden, Switzerland

Marina Vasilieva - Director of the Suvorov Estate-Museum in the village of Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye

Dmitry Korovkin – history expert

Gregory Avdeev

People who manufactured our uniform kits and equipment:

  • Ivan Sorokin - chief expert in uniforms tailoring, coats’ tailor
  • Dmitry Lobanov – organizer of shoemaking
  • Pavel Zhuravlev
  • Alexander Litvinov
  • Sergey Minchenkov
  • Dmitry Alekseev - manufacturing of belts and pouches
  • Maxim Tikhonov - knapsack maker
  • Eugene Gaponov - manufacturing of belts, shoulder-belts and cartridge pouches
  • Alexander Sidorov - shoemaker
  • Michael Knopf - shoemaker
  • Sergey Karasev - tinsmith
  • Alexander Siveev - haversack / bread bags maker
  • Polina Siveeva – shirt’s tailor
  • Alexander Trofimov - tailoring of camisoles, chakchirs, feed caps and gaiters
  • Anna Popova
  • Alexandra Ryabtseva - greatcoat and cloak’s tailor
  • Kirill and Ivan Nagorny - makers of metal fittings
  • Michael Makarov - tinsmith
  • Tatiana Taraskina
  • Natalia Krivtsova - tassel maker
  • Anna Muzalevskaya - help with paperwork

We also would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to the following people:

Olga Kalashnikova who believed in us, helped with invaluable advice and was capturing us on her magic camera

Julia Ilyina who kept finding us in all impossible places and providing help and media support

Mikhail Presnuhin who supported us, despite our peculiarities

Konstantin Yezhov who helped us at all stages of the project

Livio Lombardi who treated us to a hearty dinner on a rainy Saint Gottard Pass

Kaspar Rhyner-Sturm, the owner and keeper of the Suwarow Haus in Elm who welcomed us at his home and was truly worried about our safe passage over the Panix Pass

Tatiana Kobelt who helped us finding campgrounds in the canton of Glarus

Walter Gähler who marched with us from Klöntalersee to Schwanden and invited us to visit and enjoy his super-excellent Suworow Museum in Linthal, Schweiz

Kurt Issenegger who is always ready to help and enjoy a good conversation, as well as to his friend - Alexey

Werner Stucki, the owner of Carrera camping site who is fond of mountain hiking

Anke Schorr who helped us finding shelter near Andermatt

Markus Langenegger who organized and made our unforgettable battle at Muotathal Valley possible

Kaspar and Claudia Marti who treated us to drinks and the most beautiful view at Klöntalersee (Claudia also took some beautiful pictures and published an excellent article at the time of our march)

Bruno Russi, Swiss military attaché in Russia who gave us very apt and practical counselling on organizing the project

Alexandra Kozlova, who kept inspiring us to go forward, carry on and do not give up

• as well as numerous Swiss locals who treated us to milk, tea and coffee and cheered us up all the way through the march!


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