Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы

What to expect

Here you will find the most important information about the project: the terms and conditions of participation, layout of major challenges and how to counter them as well as travel information, list of paperwork required and other basic information about the project.

We also hope that you would consider studying some historical sources on the Suvorov’s march as the history behind the march is significant for everyone to cherish. It is also a great subject to discuss while on the journey, is not it?


- The march is scheduled to commence on 20 September 2019 (the date is subject to change) and will last for three weeks so participants are expected to commit themselves to journey of this duration,

- Every participant is required to fill in and submit an application form.

- Every participant shall sign and submit written consent to use of personal data consent form is provided). A scan of the signed consent form shall be returned to suvorov220@list.ru.

- Participant makes payment of 15,000 rubbles to cover the cost of the uniform materials.

- Participant obtains the starting kit from the organisers: cloth, brass buttons, belt buckle etc. This is required to ensure the proper level of kits uniformity.

- Participant independently or through organisers places orders for tailoring his/her set of uniform and manufacturing the kit items. Organisers will provide advice, assistance and contact detail of craftspeople.

- Participant orders the historically correct footwear following the advice of organisers as to the design and materials

- Participant studies the history of the Swiss Campaign.

- Participant shall commit to independent training and testing out the gear during the testing hiking trips.

- Participants shall undertake a long test march. The results of such test march shall be notified to the organisers without undue delay.

- Participant shall obtain Schengen Visa (assistance is provided).

- Participant shall obtain travel insurance cover including mountain tourism (assistance is provided).

- Participant consents to voluntary participate in the project at own risk. 

Additional items

- The replicas of historical weapons are acquired by participants independently.

- Participant shall order tailoring of the uniform using the basic kit provided by organisers. Tailoring of the uniform using own materials and of the design other than approved by organisers is not permitted.

- At the moment, the preferred means of transportation to Switzerland for the participants from Russia is by coach from St. Petersburg. Alternative travel arrangements (flight to Switzerland or otherwise) are at participants’ discretion and expense. Same arrangements apply to the return journey.