Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы

The core participants of the project are members of the “Sixth Jager Regiment” re-enactor’s club. To learn more please follow this link.


– Peter Knopf, leader of the Sixth Jager Regiment re-enactor’s club (suvorov220@list.ru)


– Boris Megoriski, historian, leader of the Leib-Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment, 1709 re-enactor’s club.

Our chief history consultant – Oleg Sokolov PhD, the founder of historical re-enactment movement in Russia, the knight of Legion d’Honneur, the chairman of the Russian Military History Society.

Spiritual patron of the project - Andrei Vilovich Blinsky, the chairman of the Interregional Public Foundation for the revival and protection of the Russian culture "Derzhava".