Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы

The core participants of the project are members of the “Sixth Jager Regiment” re-enactor’s club. To learn more please follow this link.


– Peter Knopf, leader of the Sixth Jager Regiment re-enactor’s club (ratnik-spb.ru)


– Boris Megoriski, historian, leader of the Leib-Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment, 1709 reenactor’s club.

Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov:

– the director of the museum, Vladimir Gennadievich Gronsky, who provided invaluable assistance in providing the hiking group with a bus for transporting equipment to Switzerland and auto support during the route, as well as during the preparation and media support of the hike

– the chief-researcher Artemiy Kirillovich Tuchapsky, who has done a lot of preparatory work and has completed the entire route
– the deputy director Alexander Nikolaevich Lukirsky, one of the main historical experts of the project.


– Christian Kraus, historian and reenactor, the main partner of the project in Switzerland; Christian has done a lot of work to provide places for the participants of the march to sleep, as well as to organize the reconstruction of the battles in the Muotatal Valley. For several days, Christian walked along the route with us.

– Andreas Deister, a historian who worked on the preparation of the project, walked (together with his wife Koni) a good half of the route.


Our chief history consultant – Oleg Sokolov PhD, the founder of historical re-enactment movement in Russia, the knight of Legion d’Honneur, the chairman of the Russian Military History Society.

Spiritual patron of the project - Andrei Vilovich Blinsky, the chairman of the Interregional Public Foundation for the revival and protection of the Russian culture "Derzhava".