Швейцарский поход
220-летию перехода А.В. Суворова через Швейцарские Альпы

Historical background

The Swiss campaign took place in September 1799. It was the last military campaign of Alexander Suvorov, the Russian military leader, count of Rymnik, count of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Italy and the last generalissimo of the Russian Empire who has not lost a single battle in his eventful military career.

Despite the expulsion of the French have not been attained, the Swiss campaign became a legendary expedition studied by many military historians and theorists and a climax of Suvorov’s unblemished military career. Suvorov's hungry, exhausted and nearly barefoot army won every battle they fought despite lack of food, supplies and ammunition, heavy snowfalls and extremely cold weather. The hardships of the expedition proved to be the most terrible test of human will and physical strength and gained Suvorov and his army the admiration of the astonished Europe and the nickname "the Russian Hannibal".

The French General André Massena, one of Napoleon’s first future marshals and the commander-in-chief of the French troops in Switzerland allegedly said: “I would give all my victories in exchange for one Swiss campaign of Suvorov ...”

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